My name is Daniel Tweedy. This website originally started out as just a place for me to mess about with to learn html and css, it has since moved on a little since then to be a place for me to blog and talk about stuff that interests me.

I have a keen interest in all things technical, I’m currently doing a 2 year BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT (Systems Support and Networking) at Darlington College, as part of this course I am also doing the Cisco CCNA and Cisco IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software. I have decided that I will progress onto a foundation degree in Networking once I have completed my Diploma, I am undecided if I will do an extra year at Teesside university to top it up to an honours degree. This should help me get a job within the IT industry.

I have a keen interest in photography, I class myself as an amateur photographer at the moment, but I am getting better teaching myself, I like to go out with my camera as often as I can, lately I haven’t been out with my camera for a long time now, this is mainly due to not having very much time to myself due to being in full time education.

I enjoy developing sites and have gained a vast array of skills to do with web site programming. I have worked with perl, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, DHTML and HTML. I’m currently working on a site at the present which has a lottery theme, and will be mainly a blog site which will update itself through the use of some cron jobs to check for new draw results and post them to the blog.

Thank you for visiting.


"Believe you can and you're halfway there." – Theodore Roosevelt